D-vo (richgirl) wrote,

well i thought i'd take this time to update the lj a lil bit. nothing really new and exciting is happening in my life except i'm finally graduating. i used to be like ughh get me out of here (i still am) but it's really sad that i'm leaving a comfort zone kinda. its our last full week of school this week coming up. oh well...im looking forward to it but not all at the same time.

saturday i woke up at 5am for the special olympics (i'll post pics soon!) and that was an amazing experience. each athlete had their own escort and to see them happy was so cool. they had so much fun, there was their events that each athlete had, music, food, etc. it was really cool. i got to hang wit some friends and buddies too. it was a really long day but also just amazing, i can't even describe it. i saw the cutest baby, Leo, who had downs syndrome.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i fell in love with him, he is seriously so happy and adorable.

anyway, saturday nite was fun too! our vermont boys came!!! i <3 them. i came home around 1130 cuz i was exhausted from waking up at 5am. we had a lil burr-b-q @ megans house cuz her madre wasn't home. then when i came home i went to bed and around 130 - 2 in the morning i was woken up by my mom freaking out and i didn't know what was wrong so i went down to her room to find out that the apartment that steve n gary (my brothers) and gary's girlfriend kelley live in, burnt down. so at 2 i had to drive to bar-a and tell my brother gary what happened. while i ws there i saw jason trojanowski who i haven't seen since last year...but anyway..

so today i had work and went food shopping for my mom because she had to go up north to their appartment and check it out. the fire still wasn't out when i talked to my mom around 7ish and it happened at midnight...so bout 19 hours and still theres a fire. my auunt and mom bought the fire fighters water b/c they can't leave until the fire is out. well every one is safe and no one was killed but 4 fire fighres were injured. so it was an interesting weekend to say the least.

well thats all for me now. ♥
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