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so it begins....

they say you can't miss something that isn't there.
lose him.
don't let him bother you.
don't take shit from him.
i think i know you're not who you've showed me recently.
i dont' want to second guess what we have, but i'm starting to and i can't help it.
i guess i just want things to be perfect.
but perfection takes 2
maybe i think too into things but its hard to know my true feelings when i have nothing to work from.
i have no idea whats going on.
i've been waiting so long for something good to happen.
someone good to come along and sweep me off my feet.
and i think you did it.
but for once i think i deserve something amazing.
my weakness is that i care too much.
i always try to help people out, but for once when is it truly going to pay off?
you really do mean alot to me and i don't want to lose you.
but i feel like its too late for that now anyway.
so maybe this is goodbye?
i'm hoping its not.
praying it isn't so.
hopefully this is just some sort of way for you to show that you care?
let me tell you that if it is ur way of showing it, you're fucking weird.
but i can take that.
i can work wit that.
i love being with you.
spending time in your arms.
kissing you.
seeing you infront of me.
hugging you.
i really think that something good will happen out of this if you want it to.
i understand you're busy with school and don't want anything.
thats why i've stuck around.
because you're 100% worth it to me.
i, at this point, would do alot for you.
that's not really like me.
you've made me think alot since i've met you.
but i don't regret one single second of it.
if i could do it all over, i would do it the exact same way.
i'm starting to fall, too far, too fast, i think.
i could stop myself, but im hoping you'll be at the bottom waiting to catch me.
let's just see what really happens.

will there ever be a guy thats like this
Smell her hair. Pick her up & pretend you're going to throw her in the pool.. she'll scream & fight you but secretly, she'll love it. Hold her hand while you talk. Hold her hand while you drive. Just hold her hand. Tell her she looks pretty. Look her in the eyes when you talk to her. Protect her. Tell her stupid jokes. Tickle her, even if she says stop. Slow dance with her. When she starts swearing at you, tell her you love her. Let her fall asleep in your arms. Get her mad, then kiss her. Tease her. Let her tease you back. Stay up with her when shes sick. Kiss her forehead. Let her wear your clothes. Go slow. Dont push anything. Kiss her in the rain. & when you fall in love with her, tell her.
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