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so i haven't updated in along time. i've jus been going to classes, the gym, work and babysitting basically. this weekend was so much fun. i went back to ESU for round 2 and me n kerr smoked n jus had a good time. me kerr jess and leanne went to ruby tuesdays for dinner and it made me wana be away at school n not be home here...as much as i love it i hate it all at the same time. it drives me crazy being home sometimes. i love my parents to death and all that but going away for the weekend gave me a break and it was nice. i really didn't wana leave esu today, but i had to. i left at like 5.15 partially cuz me n kerr didn't wake up til 1.30 this afternoon. i saw rich last nite and we talked about alot. i feel alot better about it now. but it sucks seeing him like once a month cuz it jus fuckin kills me. i know everyone got mad at me for going and talking to him but i did it because of a reason. because even tho shit happened he still means alot to me and i know that he wouldn't do it again. you all may think that i'm giving him too much credit but no body really knows him like i do. idk its jus weird. i saw rich again today before i left for like an hour and i didn't wana leave him again today. its soo hard to say goodbye n it seems like such a blur i hate it. but hopefully we'll see each other a lil more now...ughh emotions.

well i dont really have much to say...seems to be a thing everytime i update. halloween is in a week n im not being anything i decided. yup.

peaceeeee ♥
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